London Live Interview – Insanity Fair

Insanity Fair is the work of London by artist Zoobs Ansari. This is his first exhibition since his move to Los Angeles in 2014. Zoobs is famed internationally for his striking multi-media artworks, which range from video and photography to collage and painting. Insanity Fair is an opportunity for London audiences to see a collection of more than thirty works created by Zoobs over the last 6 years.

London Live Interview with Zoobs Ansari


The starting point for Insanity Fair is the notorious quote from Andy Warhol; ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.’ – a prophesy which has translated for many raised on the 24-hour media of our digital age into an aspirational life-goal worth having. Zoobs turns a dark mirror on this obsession with celebrity and asks if the reality of fame might really be a price worth paying?

In Insanity Fair we see the glamour, beauty and an eye for the kind of perfect styling which are part of the DNA of celebrity lifestyle but with the skin partly pealed back to reveal the scars and dissonance underneath the surface gloss. There is fundamental paradox understood by both Warhol and explored by Zoobs in this exhibition, fame makes the individual simultaneously ‘untouchable’ and exposed; the tension observed between the two is a uniquely fertile area for the artist.